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Maria LuNeVa, also known as Supinatra, is a Russian artist celebrating the beauty between art and the natural world. 

There's an intricateness to her work for subtle detail within the mundanity of human life. Whether its the veins of a cat contrasted by light or the residues of fruit shaping the outer lines of her eyes; Maria has meticulously transformed organic material into works of art.


What interested you in the art world?


I found myself in art unconsciously.  At first, I just watched the work of different artists. I was interested in many different artistries, especially works of photography. I enjoy when the objects are in an unusual position and place. A kind of visual wittiness, where objects perform functions of others.


What inspired you to create the work you are doing today?


I have always admired the beauty of nature, but did not know how to find a way to express this feeling. However, one time on Instagram, I saw photos of plants and flowers used on a face and body as a form of complementing them. 


I thought: "Oh, so I can do this too?!" So I began to take a closer look at nature and its creations. 


Plants, mushrooms and flowers began to tell me how to use themselves, with how they looked like. I found a way to express my admiration for the natural world and merge it with the material world.


How and where do you get material for your work?


Usually it happens like this: I go out with my dog, and I always take my bag and scissors with me. If I don't, I'll have to shove branches and leaves in my pockets! I find something interesting on every walk.


The places where I collect the materials are near my house, and the forest is also within walking distance. The forest is a special place for me where I feel happy and comfortable.  I especially like glades with tall grass, streams and paths, where you can find many interesting natural artefacts.

how long does it take you to create a particular image or product?


It all starts with an idea, it can appear with lightning speed or during the process.  But most often the idea appears when I look at the material which then inspires me to want to create something with it.


I look at a tulip petal and think about what it looks like and where it would look good. I come to the conclusion that its structure and shininess would look wonderful on my lips. 

The process itself takes two hours.  I spend an hour experimenting and another hour photographing the idea. Although sometimes it happens, where everything takes no more than 10 minutes.  I am very happy when things come out quickly and organically like this.


What is your favourite work to create and why?

My favourite works are created in nature itself. This is due to the process and not necessarily because of the result itself. The process gives me an incredible pleasure and a feeling of creative impulse.


This does not happen as often as I would like, that is why these works are especially dear to me. For example, the slippers with wildflowers, I made in the meadow of a country house. The sun was shining and there were many insects around, you can even see in the video how they swirl around the flowers on my slippers.

I also really love my first photoshoot in the forest, on a clearing where I often walk.  I wove marsh grass into my hair and Saida, the photographer, made me a wreath out of branches and dried mud. We also found a little snake and got a wonderful photo with it on my forehead.


What works or projects do you have in the near future?


I have accumulated a lot of ideas and this coming spring will soon allow me to execute them. I definitely want to make a new photoshoot in the forest.


What advice would you give to anyone looking to become an artist or creator?


I was uncomfortable when I was initially trying to find my niche, separate from the existing ones. Although anyone can simply create without referring to any kind of specific activity or topic.


In my experience, I learned that it is not necessary to try to cram out a specific direction for yourself. You don't know if maybe something you like is outside of what everyone else has been doing.

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