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By Oliver Tallis

The end is finally here for everyone’s favourite wannabe despot. We here at TRLBLZR HQ wondered how we could engage with the political discourse in a meaningful productive manner in order to steer you all through these dark and turbulent times…. That’s right… YEAH BABY ITS A MEME REVIEW!!!!

When reality is far more absurd than farce could ever be, what better way is there to heal a nation than with poorly edited images of a racist tangerine?

So without further ado, please enjoy this meme retrospective of one of America’s most prolific gropers at the end of his harrowing and hollow-skulled political career.


Remember 2016? When it was all so funny and we were assured that there was no way the American public could elect such a clown… I miss that.

Although, I’m not entirely sure that the joke lands considering Hilary won the popular vote.


After the shock wore off, it finally dawned on us that the fate of the world was in Trump’s tiny little ratlike hands.

Guess that’s why his miniature digits couldn’t reach the right keys to spell “covfefe”.


During 2018 Trump brushed a school shooting under the rug, appointed beer enthusiast (and rapist) Brett Kavanagh to the Supreme Court, and presided over not one but two Government shutdowns.

We here in the UK saw Trump embark on a three-day state visit. Seeing the Donald up-close prompted my own theory that his ill fitting suits must actually be a sly tactic to disguise his true lizard form.


The year of Impeachment number one. During this tough time for the president his is supporters told him hang in there. I absolutely echoed those sentiments. I too wish he’d hang in there.

In Jail.

With his best friend Jeffrey Epstein.

queen n t.jpg

2020, the year of COVID-19, Trumps second election, and Black Lives Matter.

On the topic of BLM, I’m always shocked that such an overt racist is so keen to make his skin look darker. If he used any more fake tan he’d have to order the police to shoot him on site.


2020’s batshit sequel.

Hundreds of people are still dying every day from COVID-19, racial tensions are still at boiling point, and I still can’t shake my TikTok addiction.

But have no fear. This will all be overshadowed by the amazing news that 2021 has to offer us.

That's right.

You guessed it.

Space Jam 2 is coming out in July!


There you have our finest selection of bespoke Trump memes just for you.

Unhelpful?… Maybe.

Stupid?…Almost definitely.

But hey, at least the two minutes you spent reading this were two minutes that you didn't spend obsessively refreshing your newsfeed to watch the death of democracy in realtime. They say laughter is the best medicine, but anything will be better than the bleach and light that my last doctor prescribed me.

In truth I think we all need some laughter right now.

God bless you America. Now go to bed.

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