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A Conversation with Sam Lasseter

Sam Lasseter is an American artist specializing in sculpture and puppetry. Through his interactive art, he aspires to spread joy and happiness to all.

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Foreword by Ana Treviño

For a man captivated with the notion of joy, the California native was as charming and jovial as his art would suggest. Having studied sculpture at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Sam's career path has led him to create works of art that challenge the traditional conceptions of art viewing and the gallery setting. As such, his creations encourage viewers to engage with them; often forcing you to do a double-take in order to revisit the artwork and enjoy it from a whole new perspective.


In his own words, Sam's mission is "making people smile with art", and so far he has left audiences with grins from ear to ear - some even shedding few tears. Like his piece, The Chevron and the Handlebars, Sam pulls at our heart strings with nostalgic themes reminding us of the whimsical, freeing and heartwarming joys of childhood. 

Reminiscent of his youth, Sam's newest series of artwork follows these same themes creating scaled-up name-brand candies and toys. With his dedication and attention to detail, we were left in awe of what he has built thus far, and are eager to see where his art will take us next.

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