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Electric Boogaloo


Much like any other difficult second album, this playlist has also been racked with issues, but thankfully they were all due to timings and not quality. My only consolation is that with the apocalypse well and truly upon up, time has lost all meaning anyway. So as you float around in the same tracksuit bottoms you’ve been wearing for the past week and decide whether or not the milk in the fridge is still ok to drink, at least find some freshness in this spicy new selection of tunes. Moreover, this should provide a little structure to your life with these tunes all being released from the start of February to the last Friday in March… or in Covid-19 terms, from when the UK had its first confirmed case of the virus up until the moment Boris Johnson caught it. I imagine the kind of person reading an edgy independent online magazine is not the kind of person who would fare well in a 28 days later-style apocalypse, but if worst comes to worst then fear not. At least if you do listen to the playlist then you can die happy, knowing deep in your hearth that only the coolest zombies listen to TRLBLZR!


New year, who dis?   ‘Awww shit, here we go again’ 

Having already failed my New Year’s resolution of hitting every day with full ‘Lizzo energy’, I’ve fallen back to my default position of being another skinny white ‘sadboi’™ on the internet trying to write about music in lieu of having any discernible personality. With that said, what a time to be a music nerd in 2020. With huge releases from Mura Masa, Thundercat, and Mac Miller, January’s tunes have already hit with the full force Hilary Clinton’s hangover the day after her post-impeachment party.

Here at TRLBLZR HQ I’ve taken a moment to look back at some of the spiciest tracks released in January. From artists you know to some you hopefully don’t, this playlist should kickstart that new year listening habit so that your Spotify wrapped finally moves past that ONE ARTIST you were obsessed with as a teen. The playlist is by no means a comprehensive overview of the month, but more of an audial charcuterie board for you to selectively nibble on your favourite melodic morsels.

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