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Kell         Emmrich



Issue 6

needed to be lost
to get to where
I am

Kelly Emmrich is a 25 year-old Illustrator and Animator currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Animation at the Pratt Institute in NYC.


The native Virginian moved to NYC after graduating in 2018 to pursue her passions in the creative world.


In the midst of the Pandemic, Kelly found her artistic solace in creating short format animated videos on Tik Tok, amassing a following of 138K. 

Coming from a musical household, Kelly's environment from a young age nurtured her love for music and creativity; often doodling or writing her own songs.

I looked back at the first scenes and had to think if I still identified with them.

What comes first in her creative process is choosing a color palette and working on from there. Mostly the colours come from funky 80's pattern she finds while in thrift stores. Music is also a big influence; being inspired by a piece from a song and building on from inspiration.

I know
I can do this.

I get most ideas from nature. Finding beauty in the little things.

As a Creative writer, Kelly got her first experiences in the professional world first as an intern for a fashion company, then she went on to write for a block chain tech company forging a creative path along the way.

Throughout the pandemic Kelly curated to her musical tastes by exploring ambience music.


You can find her fav picks here:

I'm a ghost

I'm a mermaid

by Auric Echoes

by Worrystone

by Worrystone

Bikes At Sunset

by Swellshark

It's Coming





Her directorial debut,

comprises of a 4 minute feature length music video "Cheap Red Wine", directed and illustrated by Kelly, for the band Muca & La Marquise. Throughout the display of velvety-plum-colored stills and exquisite animation, one can witness  Kelly's growth as a person and artist. 

Hesitant at first to take on such a project, Kelly was reluctant on her own skills to be able to create the artwork for the music video. Nevertheless, she accepted the challenge. With it, she created a piece of art that, not only teleports you into the songs lyrics, but allows the viewer to establish a deeper connection with Kelly's trajectory and feat as an illustrator and animator.

Kelly emmrich 

I had the privilege of virtually sitting down with Kelly and discuss her artistry and what's to come.


Tune into the full interview below.

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