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Editor's Letter


Dear reader,


We can’t see our future, but if we have a vision we can get an idea of where, somehow, we will end up. Two years ago this project was set out to take a vision and turn it into a tangible piece that would demonstrate the beauty within the creative diversity of our generation's trailblazers. Today, not only has that been achieved, but we've also gained new friendships along the way. It’s been a process of accepting that most of what we have, and continue to daydream about, can happen.


At first it played out just like that; an impossible idea that can only be dreamt of. But once life placed us where we were supposed to be, we were up for the challenge! In this first issue, we took that risk and explored sentiments and experiences we had not rekindled with for a long time, so as to resolve these ever haunting nuances. Unexpectedly, our landing came in a year filled with blindsided days that have made us look in the mirror and recognize that all those spiderwebs holding us up were never any bigger than us. 


So what can we say other than thanks for starting this journey with us. Together we explored new ways to create a space for people to reconnect with their creative selves, while also orchestrating a visual experience. We still have a lot to learn but we're excited about the journey to come and the stories yet to be uncovered.


Stay tuned, 


Ana & Adriana

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