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2D Animator & Artist

Auraline Mary


Around a year ago, I came across the short film Bloom by Auraline Mary. Not only was I captivated by the lush animation, but also by the striking ability for such precise yet sublime storytelling. In just a couple of minutes, a strong narrative is woven into what feels like a feature length film. Bloom has been stuck on my mind ever since. It’s a film I go back to often in times of need of comfort. 


The film has resonated with me so much because, I too like the woman in Bloom, and like many women today, have found myself lost in my own reflection. Cutting away at the blossoming imperfections. Bloom reflected my own story of only being able to value these flowers and sprouts until someone else came along to treasure them. To seek validation in others rather than one’s self.


After a year from coming across Auraline’s work, I can attest that I too have blossomed into my own. Acknowledging my all, my own bloom. With a new year ahead, I couldn't think of a better piece of art to begin the year with than this. As you read along you will dive into what drove Auraline to create Bloom, her creative process, and artistic journey thus far. 

Bloom by Auraline Mary

Animation is a lot of work, but the reward to see the final result is worth it.

What lead you to pursue a career in 2d animation?

I grew up in the 90s watching a lot of 2d animated films, which I loved, and then a little later I discovered Studio Ghibli's films and all of these definitely had an impact on me. I've always been drawing for as far as I can remember, but at first I couldn't picture myself making animation. I had no idea how it worked, and then when I learned, I thought it would be way too complicated for me.

Quite late, I got an Ipad with Procreate and was able to do digital art. At the time, it was only a drawing software, but they started to add some features like the possibility to animate. I tried it and it was surreal to see my drawings come to life. I loved it and I decided to practice by myself. That's how I ended up creating Bloom. As for a career, I'm not entirely sure what I want to do yet. I sometimes take commissions, but what I really love is to create my own stuff and it does take a lot of time.

Bloom by Auraline Mary

What inspired you to create the short film Bloom?

It started with a drawing of the last scene, when she's covered in flowers. It was just supposed to be a single drawing, but it stuck with me for a while. I started to wonder who she was, why the flowers, etc. Slowly, the story came to me. I was inspired by this idea, aesthetically and emotionally, I felt like there was something to create. 

Can you walk us through your creative process of making a
short film?

Sure! Usually the concept/idea comes first. Once it's clear enough in my mind, I do a rough storyboard, some character design, background design; I try to animate a little to see if it works or not. Then once it's set, I start with the rough animation. I watch everything all together to see if it's good or if something needs some improvement. Finally when it's done, I start with the final, "clean" version.

What do you hope your audience takes away from the film Bloom?

I hope that if they do recognize themselves in some way or another in the main character, it'll inspire them to find peace and acceptance, and embrace whatever it is that makes them different or special. 

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far about animating?

I still have so much to learn, but maybe to trust your intuition and to be patient during the creative process.

Bloom by Auraline Mary

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in pursuing animation?

If it's possible, the ideal is to take lessons/go to an animation school; but you can also learn on your own if you're motivated enough. My advice would be to draw a lot, especially the anatomy to understand how the body moves, and to take the habit to observe everything. Also watch your favorite animated movies with a new eye, to try to understand how they did it.

Animation is a lot of work, but the reward to see the final result is worth it.

Bloom by Auraline Mary

Can you tell us about any future projects you are working on?

I am currently working on something, but i'm not sure yet of what direction it's gonna take. I'm still exploring and practicing. You can see some glimpses of what I'm making on my Instagram and Tiktok account.

Overall, what drives you to create?

I have a very creative mind, so it's always been something I was drawn to.

There's also something very therapeutic about doing art, it can convey so many emotions. The same way I am touched by a painting or a piece of music, I hope that I can also create something that has an impact on others. I also believe that art is inspired by something bigger than us, and that it expresses itself through the artist and their perception of what is beautiful.

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